Wendy Lisa Nichol
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Wendy is a Toronto based ceramic artist. She received a BFA in Drawing & Painting with a minor in Material Arts & Design from OCADu in 2014. The ceramic work she produces is handmade by coiling and slab building with clay, and each piece is then burnished with a smooth stone so the unglazed exterior accentuates the softness of the clay. In the fall of 2018 Wendy and Amanda Wyman (Rush Home Ceramics) co-founded Mud Makers Studio a member-shared ceramic studio in Toronto where she is the acting Studio Technician and one of the hand-building instructor.

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Intro to Hand-building

Going through the basics of hand-building with clay by observing demos and practicing the following techniques: pinch pots, coiling, and slab-building.

Advance Hand-building

Progressing through different methods of constructing and altering forms, along with surface design techniques. Focussing on techniques and project based ceramic work.

Private Lessons

One-on-one personalized hand-building sessions by the hour.




Mud Makers Studio is an artist shared ceramic studio providing a safe space for hand-building workshops and full-time artist memberships. We are making a welcoming community, by providing an open environment for learning and understanding. Offering classes and events for all ages and skill levels to encourage the exploration of the medium of clay.