Care Instructions


- food safe glazes
- dishwasher/microwave safe
- hand-washing with warm/hot soapy water extends the life of a piece
- be mindful of drastic temperature changes, as this can shock/cause cracks 


- waterproof/food safe glazes
- hand wash with warm/hot soapy water 

Process of Making


Clay is rolled flat and shapes are cut out to be assembled into a mug/cup/bowl. Coils are rolled out and connected to create a handle/ foot.


Coils of clay are rolled out, stacked and wrapped to form a shape. The coils are blended to seamless connections and the clay is pinched or coaxed into its final form. The piece is burnished with a stone leaving its surface soft and smooth to the touch. 

How do I order wholesale or commission work?

Email is the best way to get in touch.

I am the sole maker of all ceramic pieces, therefore adequate time is needed to fulfill orders.

A deposit of half the order amount is required to confirm any and all contracts prior to beginning the work.

Any other questions?

Get in touch!